Advisory Group on International Education

Several web pages I've constructed at various times, to communicate my thoughts to other committee members
29 March: Biosphere 2 site visit and comments on library design

12 March: Human Geography (beginning to plan foundation courses)

28 Feb: Report of the California Trip

24 Jan: Revision and expansion of Thoughts about... and 'Global Stewardship' on the Web

14 Jan 2001: Thoughts about program development for the Program for Education in Global Stewardship, and February trip to California

7 December: GIS in Undergraduate Teaching, a quick summary prompted by a question from William Klingelhofer

1 August: Current thoughts, somewhat jaundiced

3 March: Report of Site Visits in California and Indiana, February 2000

13 Jan: An ACS Symposium?

9 Jan 2000: Whither Global Studies? (proposal for visits to several other institutions)

22 November 1999: Global Studies links

16 November 1999: Programs elsewhere

14-15 October: Universalizing the University at UVa (comments on the conference)

4 October 1999: Educational Objectives assayed

25 May draft proposal for Global Studies Program)

3 May 1999 general ruminations and 19 May addendum